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Remembering Greg Howell


It’s impossible to have known Greg Howell and not been influenced in one way or another. Greg’s quiet, self-deprecating style, sense of humor, and fearless self-confidence allowed him to challenge ...

Remembering Greg Howell2020-07-27T09:40:47-05:00

Essential Conversations for Project Success


In our current environment the ability to navigate change and work remotely with your team is more important than ever.  Teams need to reinvent the way work is happening in ...

Essential Conversations for Project Success2020-04-21T09:45:05-05:00

What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate


As many of us work from home using Zoom conferencing and the phone, there has been a lot of concern about how to keep our social contacts and our work ...

What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate2020-04-21T09:32:16-05:00

Building a Lean Culture Interactive Course Offering


Lean design and construction practices require that members on a project team work together in an environment of trust, ambition, resolution, and common care. This environment needs to be cultivated through ...

Building a Lean Culture Interactive Course Offering2020-04-20T14:52:56-05:00

Making Up for Lost Time


The pandemic related economic slowdown is impacting building projects in a variety of ways. Reports from projects across the United States include delays related to manpower shortages and additional physical ...

Making Up for Lost Time2020-04-20T14:48:33-05:00

Remote Learning Programs from LeanProject


For the past two years LeanProject has been providing online video learning and coaching through its Building Better Leaders program. We've now added two additional programs that provide an opportunity to ...

Remote Learning Programs from LeanProject2020-03-19T13:49:50-05:00

What is a Project Culture?


Culture is the shared identity among all the members of a group. Just as the word identity can define who an individual is in terms of their values, beliefs, and practices in ...

What is a Project Culture?2020-02-17T14:44:21-06:00

Courageous Leadership Experience at the 2020 Lean Summit


April 8 in Carlsbad, California, the Courageous Leadership Experience will be among the workshops offered, with a discount available to people participating in the Lean Summit earlier that week. Joanna ...

Courageous Leadership Experience at the 2020 Lean Summit2020-01-16T05:39:38-06:00