Bad projects hurt your business and your people. 3Px achieves better outcomes so you can deliver on your promises.


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If your projects are becoming more frustrating and less rewarding, you’re in the right place. LeanProject can bring the joy back to projects while delivering bottom-line results. Projects don’t have to be miserable!

Our Story
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Build to Live

If the success of your next project is critical for your organization, 3Px is for you. By focusing on People, Promises, and Project Execution, 3Px quickly instills the team structure, skills, and practices needed to create high-performing teams every time – your next project can be your best ever.


Live to Build

If your business exists to build, we can help. LeanProject partners with contractors, owners and designers to transform organizations into a collection of interconnected, high-performing teams, working to fulfill your vision for the business. Putting people first, we help you achieve the results you need to thrive and grow.

Lean Project Management Saint Paul

People. Promises. Project Execution.
LeanProject Values

Lean Project Management Minneapolis

We Focus on People

We care for individuals’ unique ambitions and concerns so they can grow, and the organization can improve.

Project Management Training Saint Paul

We Develop Possibilities

We help you invent a future that unlocks the potential of your people and the entire organization.

Project Management Training Minneapolis

We Create Action

We use conversation to develop high-performing teams built on accountability, trust, and coordinated action.

Project Management Training Minneapolis

We Are a Relentless Partner

We listen to your concerns and provoke action to achieve the impossible.

Our Experience By The Numbers

Years as a Trusted Partner
Billion In Project Savings
Faster Schedules
Lives Improved
Project Management Training Minneapolis
Project Management Training Saint Paul
Project Management Training Minneapolis
Lean Project Management Saint Paul
Lean Project Management Saint Paul

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Lean Project Management Minneapolis

High-Performing Teams on Every Project