Bad projects hurt your business and your people. 3Px achieves better outcomes so you can deliver on your promises.

We focus on the people within organizations to help them unlock the possibilities that exist within every organization for personal growth and organizational improvement. Using a foundation of communication and trust, we partner with teams to invent the new practices needed to achieve what seems impossible today.

We often begin our relationship with a diagnostic assessment of your organization. We help bring a new level of clarity about the current state of the organizational culture and the practices that might be missing within the organization. As part of this organizational assessment, you will learn how your customers and partners view you and you develop a deeper understanding of how your people are connected with your vision and mission.

Using 3Px as our foundation we teach your people how to build high performing teams and help them develop the skills and practices necessary to deliver world-class results on projects while taking care of the health and well-being of themselves and the team.

Wherever you are today in your journey, LeanProject can help take you to the next level.

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Lean Training Saint Paul

Elements of LeanProject’s Organizational Work:

  • 3Px project level deployment
  • Organizational and project assessments to determine where you are at in your journey and your cultural alignment
  • Strategic Planning to develop organizational vision and objectives
  • Mobilizing strategy into reality so your vision becomes real in your day to day work
  • Ontological Coaching with teams and individuals to ensure team health and to retain the next generation of leaders
  • Implement a Commitment Based Management™ approach using our Essential Conversations for Project Success™ workshops that creates an organizational operating system based on a network of commitments
  • Guide you in the invention of new practices and processes to coordinate action between team members that allows the enterprise to fulfill their promises to their customers
  • Conflict resolution and building team practices to sustain a healthy environment that allows people to grow and prosper
Lean Project Management Saint Paul
Lean Project Management Saint Paul

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