It’s impossible to have known Greg Howell and not been influenced in one way or another. Greg’s quiet, self-deprecating style, sense of humor, and fearless self-confidence allowed him to challenge the status quo like few have been able to do – before or since. When he asserted years ago that “Project Management is broken” in the construction industry, he angered some and stirred many others to action. Like most conversations with Greg, this one resulted in a shift in perspective for those who engaged, and opened up new possibilities for how design and construction teams might plan and execute their work together.

We at LeanProject are fortunate to have called Greg not only one of our company’s founders, but also a business partner and a friend. Greg’s curiosity, creativity, and ability to face challenges with a sense of adventure and an open mind, left a lasting mark on us, and on LeanProject. His generous sharing of experience and wisdom drew people from all over the world into the conversation, and this spirit still drives the company forward today. We are forever grateful for having known Greg, and for the giant impact he had on each of us, on LeanProject, and on the industry worldwide.

Greg Howell passed away peacefully on June 15. His family has created a memorial website for friends to connect and remember Greg, which can be found here: Greg Howell Memorial