April 8 in Carlsbad, California, the Courageous Leadership Experience will be among the workshops offered, with a discount available to people participating in the Lean Summit earlier that week. Joanna McGuffey and I will lead this interactive workshop designed for those who desire to be challenged personally and professionally in order to sustain a lean culture of respect, continuous improvement, and shared responsibility – with courage.

If you are interested in making a positive impact and creating lasting transformation, personally and organizationally while leading with courage and clarity, connecting to a meaningful purpose for your work, we invite you to participate.

Through this experience you will:

  • Explore what it means to lead with courage (no matter your title) and how courageous leadership ripples through an entire organization and the customer experience
  • Establish a deeper intentional connection to personal core strengths, creating a more powerful presence with others so as to increase personal effectiveness and positive influence.
  • Clarify your connection to a meaningful purpose for your work through a powerful exercise
  • Capture the historic principles that were the driving values for Toyota Motor Company’s Five Precepts, which declare the purpose and shared core identity we see throughout the company today.

To learn more about the Summit and register for the workshop follow the link below.