Years as a
Trusted Partner

LeanProject has been improving the experience of project work for longer than anyone. Our founders led the way with the invention of new thinking and practices for the construction industry, and we’ve been building on their progress ever since. In fact, LeanProject’s fingerprints are all over some of the biggest changes in the industry since the invention of CPM scheduling. From the Last Planner® System to the Parade of Trades, to Small Batch and Takt Execution, to Big Rooms, Integrated Project Delivery and Study Action Teams, we were there, working with our clients and industry leaders to revolutionize the way project work gets done. These decades of experience and collaboration have led us to release 3Px, our holistic approach to building the skills, practices, structure, and culture required to create high-performing teams on every project, every time.

Along the way, we’ve had the honor of becoming trusted partners to countless people in construction companies, design firms and project owner organizations. It’s hard to step on a project site anywhere in the world, and not run into someone whose thinking, and probably career trajectory, were positively impacted by LeanProject. We cherish these relationships and know the responsibility that comes when someone trusts us with their livelihood. We continue to treat every client as a partner, and enjoy every step of the lean journey together.

When LeanProject was engaged by the world’s leading microchip manufacturer, they had just completed a series of major projects behind schedule and over budget. They knew they needed a construction revolution if they wanted to regain the trust of their customers and remain competitive in the global marketplace. While their most aggressive project yet was in mid-flight, LeanProject helped them achieve what seemed impossible. The team settled on 5 key objectives for the project, none more important than saving 30% of labor cost on the remaining work. The team met all 5 objectives, and saved over 35% in labor costs, all while improving safety, and speeding up the construction schedule. The savings amounted to over $300 Million in savings over a 9-month duration.

While labor savings are not the only measure of a successful 3Px implementation, we can always beat typical cost estimates, often by a lot. What surprises many people is that this improvement happens while creating a better experience for the front line workers rather than at their expense. This means less stress, smoother workflow, and happier people. On the microchip mega-project, one foreman told us that before the transformation, he was ready to quit and find a new career. As a result of this new way of working, his faith in teamwork and pride in a job well-done were restored.


In Project Savings



Shorter schedules are not only possible, they are likely with the right project structure, skills and practices. Speeding up project work, when done right, actually leads to safer work environments, lower costs, and a better project experience for everyone involved. This is not a zero-sum game, and achieving 15-30% schedule reductions is typical for our 3Px client partners. Talk about a competitive advantage!

Not every project we’re called to support is headed for disaster. In fact, many are on track for typical industry-accepted results without expecting much more. For us, this is a tragedy in itself. We know that better results are possible, and we work to achieve these on every project and in every company we encounter. Our experience at improving project outcomes spans hundreds of projects, from simple apartment and office buildings to some of the largest mega-projects anywhere in the world.