Naomi Mathaba from the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and Jessica Radecki from NBBJ Design will be presenting a learning session at the 2020 Lean Summit on Designing and Building a Lean Culture.  Naomi and Jessica will be discussing what they have learned from their experience of creating an “instant” organization that works as an integrated team employing lean practices.

The OHSU Hospital Expansion Project is a complex half-million square foot project requiring the efforts of several hundred people from dozens of disciplines including healthcare professionals, medical planners, project executives and managers, architects, engineers, trade contractors, estimators, and others. The team leadership has been deliberate in creating a culture within which team members can each fully contribute to delivering the highest possible value to a project important to the Portland, Oregon region.

Jason Klous and I enjoy the privilege of being a part of this team, and highly recommend you come to the Summit to learn from their experience. The 2020 Lean Summit will be in Carlsbad, California, April 6-7. The Summit is designed around helping the community better understand how to develop the perseverance required to sustain a lean transformation.

To learn more about the session led by Naomi and Jessica and the Summit follow the link below.