Lean design and construction practices require that members on a project team work together in an environment of trust, ambition, resolution, and common care. This environment needs to be cultivated through the development of a shared team identity focused on a common meaningful purpose for delivering the project. This course integrates project experiences with research exploring the root cause of successful lean practices to provide participants with a grounding for building a lean culture.

Culture is the shared identity among all the members of a group. Just as the word identity can define who an individual is in terms of their values, beliefs, and practices in addition to their physical characteristics, identity also applies to project teams. Even when our individual values and beliefs, our personal identity, differ from those of our group, our practices when on a project team conform to the values and beliefs of its shared identity. A core feature of the course is learning to practice a methodology for developing this shared identity.

The course will consist of five interactive modules. The two-hour videoconference sessions allow participants to meet and connect with design and construction professionals working in several different markets.

Topics addressed:

  • What is culture and why is it important for project success?
  • How enterprise culture provided the necessary foundation for lean practices at Toyota.
  • Case studies describing how project team culture was developed on two lean projects.
  • The essential steps for cultivating an environment of trust, ambition, resolution, and common care.

For more information about the course contact me directly, or through academy@leanproject.com.