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Building High-Performing Teams


A project is a project. Traditionally, LeanProject has focused its efforts on helping construction and design projects get better. We have worked with some of the largest owners in the ...

Building High-Performing Teams2020-07-28T15:01:16-05:00

Building a Lean Culture Interactive Course Offering


Lean design and construction practices require that members on a project team work together in an environment of trust, ambition, resolution, and common care. This environment needs to be cultivated through ...

Building a Lean Culture Interactive Course Offering2020-04-20T14:52:56-05:00

What is a Project Culture?


Culture is the shared identity among all the members of a group. Just as the word identity can define who an individual is in terms of their values, beliefs, and practices in ...

What is a Project Culture?2020-02-17T14:44:21-06:00

Why LeanProject Offers the Courageous Leadership Experience


by Tom Richert with Joanna McGuffey “Courage is the main quality of leadership.” – Walt Disney This past year LeanProject has been providing people with an experience designed to help ...

Why LeanProject Offers the Courageous Leadership Experience2019-12-16T09:44:55-06:00

At First Sign of Discomfort, Discontinue Use


The last line of this sign is good advice for a hotel fitness center, which may have guests who do not exercise on a regular basis. If they are unfamiliar ...

At First Sign of Discomfort, Discontinue Use2019-07-29T09:00:28-05:00

Enthusiasm for Lean


Here is a preview of the Associated General Contractors of America Enthusiasm for Lean webinar which will be moderated by Sean Graystone and co-presented with Joanna McGuffey on May 7. ...

Enthusiasm for Lean2019-04-30T08:00:52-05:00

Did You Really Get a Commitment?


Part of our coaching with project teams, organizations and individual leaders is teaching the practice of making and receiving reliable commitments. This single concept underlies most successful Last Planner® System ...

Did You Really Get a Commitment?2019-04-12T08:47:31-05:00

Lean Gratitude


For people unfamiliar or vaguely family with the term “lean,” the word is used to express a dynamic approach to work that seeks to continuously create more value with less ...

Lean Gratitude2018-11-21T12:00:27-06:00

“Lean Conversations” Now Available


Lean Conversations reports on a workshop that immersed a group of artists in the fundamentals of Lean for three days, during which they conversed with some of the leading thinkers ...

“Lean Conversations” Now Available2018-07-30T08:01:41-05:00