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#Lean Leadership: Reluctance, Stumbling and Embracing the B Player


A project team we are working with recently addressed two concerns related the to adoption of new Lean behaviors. Reluctance of some on the team to embrace Lean practices and behaviors. People will stumble, ...

#Lean Leadership: Reluctance, Stumbling and Embracing the B Player2017-04-12T14:55:58-05:00

The Beginning of Infinity by David Deutsch


The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations that Transform the World while not written for Lean thinkers helps make the case that not only is there always room for continuous improvement and ...

The Beginning of Infinity by David Deutsch2016-03-18T15:05:56-05:00

Regulatory Accumulation


An article in the March/April 2016 edition of Chief Executive discusses the challenges dealing with federal regulations. The current Code of Federal Regulations is now more than 116 times the size ...

Regulatory Accumulation2016-03-16T15:49:03-05:00

Theories X, Y and Z


Bob Dunning, a friend, collaborator on a paper discussing the application of Lean principles to transit planning, and Boeing alumnus, commented on my recent review of Lead With Respect. Bob brought ...

Theories X, Y and Z2016-03-14T15:45:39-05:00

In the Lean World is Leadership Dead?


A couple of days ago I wrote a post citing Peter Block's article on citizenship.  Without reading the article one can mistakenly gain a perception that Block's position is that ...

In the Lean World is Leadership Dead?2016-03-02T15:22:58-06:00

Lean Citizenship


Thanks to my colleague Steve Knapp I came across a 1998 article by Peter Block on the topic of Citizenship.  The thrust of the article was that a shared sense ...

Lean Citizenship2016-02-29T15:58:47-06:00

The High-Velocity Edge by @StevenJSpear


  How fast can your enterprise discover problems and solve them? The message in The High-Velocity Edge is very clear. Enterprises that outperform their competitors, often by wide margins, are learning ...

The High-Velocity Edge by @StevenJSpear2016-02-05T15:52:47-06:00

The Road to Character by David Brooks


This is not an explicitly Lean book, however it offers lessons for the Lean thinker. Lean thinking requires that individuals act to the benefit of the entire process of value ...

The Road to Character by David Brooks2016-01-29T16:14:46-06:00

Lean and Human Achievement


I came across a quote that caught my attention while reading an article about creating an artificial intelligence (AI) as fast as the human brain. A researcher on the project ...

Lean and Human Achievement2016-01-27T16:15:57-06:00