Notes from Klaus Lemke

Better Building


In the building industry, owners, contractors and designers can find it difficult to get lean thinking to take root. The challenges of temporary teams, customized workflow, and lots of variability ...

Better Building2018-09-25T10:00:02-05:00

Building Better Leaders


We’re excited to announce a new offering from LeanProject. In September we are launching Building Better Leaders 2018. This 6-month program combines two in-person leadership workshops with regular lessons and ...

Building Better Leaders2018-08-21T09:50:19-05:00

Smaller Batches ALWAYS Move Faster

2018-05-22T10:00:55-05:00 Lean manufacturers know that working in small batches speeds the pace of work through any process and increases throughput. In project work, it can be difficult to see the ...

Smaller Batches ALWAYS Move Faster2018-05-22T10:00:55-05:00

Respect for People; a Leadership Concept or Behavior?


One of the two pillars of the Toyota Way and central to lean culture, respect for people is often misunderstood by outsiders. Many think that respect is only about listening ...

Respect for People; a Leadership Concept or Behavior?2018-01-03T14:05:41-06:00

Use Social Cues to Improve Team Performance


I was delighted by this sight while walking in my Minneapolis neighborhood the other day. Three dog trainers each with a group of 10-15 dogs marching happily together around the ...

Use Social Cues to Improve Team Performance2017-05-18T09:22:58-05:00

3 Simple Rules for Effective Pull Planning


As part of the Last Planner® System, pull planning is a great technique for planning collaboratively.  We've used it effectively for everything from master planning and design through commissioning and ...

3 Simple Rules for Effective Pull Planning2016-12-15T11:31:18-06:00

What Should a Last Planner® Project Feel Like?


The Last Planner® System (LPS) is just that, a system.  It’s made up of processes and techniques that work together do one thing: create and maintain reliable workflow in projects. ...

What Should a Last Planner® Project Feel Like?2016-11-08T20:48:25-06:00

What’s New at LeanProject


Many of you have known us here at Lean Project Consulting, Inc. for a long time.  We’ve been supporting your projects and your companies since 1999.  We’ve worked on projects ...

What’s New at LeanProject2016-09-27T07:00:59-05:00

Phone Book or Map?


We work with many teams who do a good job with Pull Planning.  They bring the team together to develop a sound plan based on a well-defined project milestone.  They ...

Phone Book or Map?2016-04-14T14:42:53-05:00