Taking on large, complex projects virtually guarantees that you will be faced with numerous challenges. Smooth projects do not just happen at random or through luck – they are the result of experienced planning and proven practices. At LeanProject, we like to say we’ve been saving the world from miserable projects since 1999. If your last several projects have been problematic and cumbersome, you need to explore our 3Px Project Service.

What is 3Px Project Service?

The 3Px Project Service from LeanProject helps you achieve better outcomes from your construction projects. From large, multi-structure layouts to single buildings and everything in between, our system of partnering with contractors, owners, and designers to transform your organization into a collection of interconnected, high-performing teams results in incredibly better results with far fewer complications and headaches.

Our 3Px Project Service focuses on:

  • People
  • Promises
  • Project Execution

This powerful combination produces a productive team culture that enables a new level of performance and results. The right tools combined with the right thinking from the top-down, creating an environment that is ripe for success, even when facing formidable challenges.

Who Needs Help from LeanProject?

How do you know that LeanProject’s 3Px Project Service is for you? In our storied history, we have helped organizations complete projects ranging from single buildings to some of the largest mega-projects in the world. 3Px Project Service is totally scalable to meet your unique project size, scope, and team.

Our expertise includes medical, manufacturing, technical, single-tenant, multi-tenant, residential apartments, airports, major civil engineering projects, and more. If you can imagine it, we have very likely applied 3Px to a similar project to produce exceptional results. This often includes:

  • Lower costs
  • Shorter schedules
  • Improved safety
  • Fewer problems with quality
  • Better collaboration
  • Higher productivity
  • Happier stakeholders

What about you? Are you disappointed in the last few projects from your organization? Were you plagued by problems, disillusioned teams, confusing management, surly workers, poor quality, and other setbacks? Perhaps it’s time to learn more about 3Px from LeanProject.

Contact us today at (612) 440-5326 or message us online to explore the possibilities!