Lean project management is all about delivering greater value while reducing all forms of waste. One form of waste is a lack of productivity, which can have many causes, such as too many workers, too high workload or team management problems. In most cases, a project team can increase productivity while also improving the work environment for the team with the right project management techniques.

Select the Best Teams for the Task

The best teams must be assigned to the required tasks for ideal productivity. Firstly, this involves selecting individuals to make up a team. When teams are smaller, collaboration and teamwork are much easier. So, if your project involves a lot of workers, it can be best to create several smaller teams, including a supervisor, manager or foreman to guide the team. While creating the team, keep the tasks in mind; it’s best to have a diversity of skills within the team, including specialists for the task at hand, this way, the workers know what to do and can work together effectively. Don’t forget that team members may already have a good working relationship with each other and with foremen. This relationship can be vital for efficient task and sub-task assignments and overall teamwork. The best team for the job may not always be available, so prioritize tasks accordingly.

Collaboration and Trust

Team members work best when they have the freedom to work without micromanagement. Collaboration and trust are vital for ideal team relationships and productivity. Collaboration allows all team members to be involved in discussing the project tasks, which allows them to include their ideas and their doubts. Doubts or worries should be tackled head-on, not ignored until later. The quicker problems are identified and resolved, the better. Collaboration also allows everyone to note their strengths and weaknesses and strengthens communication among the whole team. Communication is vital to know what to do and work together.

Creating productive teams can seem complicated; the experts at LeanProject have experience bringing transforming struggling projects to completion, often under budget and ahead of schedule. For more information on how LeanProject can help you, click here to contact us or call us at (612) 440-5326; we can show you a more productive and stress-free approach to team management.