There are times when problem-laden projects indicate a deeper level of issues. Beyond the surface, foundational fissures in your organization can threaten its overall success and profitability. Perhaps you need more than a renewed approach to project management – you need a new restructuring for organizational improvement. LeanProject can help with our proven 3Px Enterprise Service.

What is 3Px Enterprise Service?

LeanProject’s 3Px Enterprise Service begins with a thorough diagnostic evaluation of your complete organization. We seek to ascertain the true nature of your organization’s culture and practices to determine what is missing, what is wrong, what is working and what else is needed for effective transformation.

Perhaps your existing organizational model worked in the past, and even recently. However, troubling signs have emerged that point to a need for change. Leaner and more efficient cultures, practices, and values could pave the way for the next level of your organization’s success for the future. 3Px Enterprise seeks to be the catalyst for this necessary and beneficial change.

How is 3Px Enterprise Different from 3Px Project Service?

If you are already familiar with our 3Px Project Service, you may recognize some of the same language and processes. 3Px Enterprise also focuses everything around our core of 3 – People, Promises, Project Execution – but we go much larger in 3Px Enterprise to include your entire corporate or organizational ethos and structure.

In 3Px Enterprise, we will introduce you to new ideas, like our:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Assessments
  • Project Assessments
  • Commitment Based Management™
  • Ontological Coaching
  • Essential Conversations for Project Success™ workshops
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Creating and Building Team Practices
  • Mobilization Strategy

3Px Enterprise involves a complete makeover in needed areas of your organization to connect every stakeholder with your mission and values. From CEOs to front-line workers, and every level in between, we seek to “teach you how to build high-performing teams and help them develop the skills and practices necessary to deliver world-class results on projects, all while taking care of the health and well-being of themselves and the team.”

If you think it’s time for your organization to look at the possibilities offered through 3Px Enterprise, contact us at LeanProject today to start the conversation.