LeanProject is hosting its second Leadership Experience, February 28 and March 1, in Lexington, Kentucky, at the Griffin Gate Resort. This intimate conference is an opportunity to learn how to better align our leadership with lean principles.

A Unique TMMK Tour Opportunity: While everyone is able to experience a tour of the Toyota Georgetown factory, Leadership Experience participants will join in an exclusive discussion about the leadership conversations that inform the work they see in the factory. David Verble, a former Toyota North America executive who personally participated in many of those conversations, will lead this discussion, beginning before the tour and continuing after we return from our trip to the factory.

A Better Understanding of Leadership Conversations: The theme of the two-day conference is Conversations for Leadership, so naturally we will focus on developing better awareness of the types of conversations we need to have, including how we listen to and observe others, and cultivate ambition among team members. While we will learn from Toyota and other examples, we will also discuss leadership conversations in the context of participants’ leadership challenges.

Practical Exercises to Take Back to Your Teams: It’s important to quickly apply any new practices we learn if they are going to benefit us. Participants will partake in several exercises they can use with their teams to improve how they coordinate work through better observations and conversations.

For information about the Leadership Experience conference follow this link.


There is a special rate available to LeanProject clients. Contact me for details on the rate before registering.