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Overcoming Design and Planning Challenges Begins with Culture


  Bryan Wahl of Bostwick Design Partnership, Rocco Gallo of Karpinski Engineering, and I will be discussing the importance of culture in a presentation at the Lean Construction Institute Congress ...

Overcoming Design and Planning Challenges Begins with Culture2019-09-12T13:58:55-05:00

3 Simple Rules for Effective Pull Planning


As part of the Last Planner® System, pull planning is a great technique for planning collaboratively.  We've used it effectively for everything from master planning and design through commissioning and ...

3 Simple Rules for Effective Pull Planning2016-12-15T11:31:18-06:00

Phone Book or Map?


We work with many teams who do a good job with Pull Planning.  They bring the team together to develop a sound plan based on a well-defined project milestone.  They ...

Phone Book or Map?2016-04-14T14:42:53-05:00

Understand the Pull Planning Question


The first installment in the Pull Planning Primer explored the confusion people have between the activity they can observe and the outcomes they are pursuing with pull planning. One of ...

Understand the Pull Planning Question2011-09-11T11:04:40-05:00