Bryan Wahl of Bostwick Design Partnership, Rocco Gallo of Karpinski Engineering, and I will be discussing the importance of culture in a presentation at the Lean Construction Institute Congress on October 17. The presentation will feature how people can apply our observations and experiences toward developing productive work relationships.

The primary focus of the presentation is connecting culture to planning. By demonstrating how establishing a positive project culture sets the stage for success for the effective use of Lean practices. Our message is that Lean practices succeed only by teams deliberately creating an atmosphere of trust.

We’ll discuss our experiences with three keys to building a strong project culture, which are

  • creating an environment of trust,
  • giving people a voice, and
  • establishing shared expectations.

We’ve selected three examples of how these keys to a strong culture supports Lean practices during the design and planning phase.

  • How teams can create an open decision-making process using A3 decision-making during
    design to produce value for the project.
  • How to use pull-planning to clarify expectations and workflow in design.
  • Why incorporating quality control throughout the design process reduces waste and provides better quality documents and built projects.

If you are attending Congress this year and want to know more about the relationship between culture, Lean practices and success during the design and planning phase of a project, join us at 11:20 on October 17 in Fort Worth.