construction-worker-956496_1280You’re smart, and used to being the person on the job site that can be counted on to figure it all out. Your heroics can be counted on to get the project done, even in an environment that constantly throws new challenges at the project. And for many of you, your self identity is invested in this role of hero – super superintendent.

This is why the Lean approach can be especially challenging for the best superintendents. Although the best understand the reasons for collaborating with trade foremen, some have difficulty generating the trust necessary to do so thoroughly. There is a tendency for some to fall back into an authoritarian role because of a fear of losing an important part of their identity.

You can’t flip a switch, immediately lose this fear, and take on a new trust based identity. There are some steps that can move you in that direction.

Remember that your role is to lead the team, but not do their thinking for them.

Listen to your team. Really listen. They have important things to tell you.

Mentor your team. Help them learn the Lean process and relationship improvement skills needed to succeed.

Learn from your team. There is no better way to improve your own process and relationship improvement skills.