LeanProject coach Tom Richert along with Joanna McGuffey of Unconventional Works will be presenting a full-day workshop Tuesday, July 17 at the 2018 Lean Coaching Summit in Seattle. The annual summit is co-sponsored by the Lean Enterprise Institute and Lean Frontiers. Their workshop is titled “Creating Transformational Legacy: Coaching Teams to Embrace and Build Upon a Legacy of Enterprise and Personal Improvement” and focuses on the challenge of establishing buy-in and continued support for lean transformation.

Tom and Joanna are also leading breakout sessions during the Summit on Wednesday and Thursday. The breakout sessions are focused on the importance of core identity in coaching personal and professional growth of project and group team members.

Charlie Murphy from Turner Construction will be providing a keynote talk, discussing his personal transformation from being a leader who builds buildings to one who builds people through problem solving.

For more information about the Summit agenda and registration follow this link.