Making the Last Planner® System Work on your Next Project: What We’ve Learned from Two Decades of Practice – Thursday, October 5, 2017, Waltham, Massachusetts

Tom Richert and John Draper will be presenting this full-day workshop, drawing up on their observations using and coaching teams using the Last Planner System these past two decades. This experience has led them to identify several distinguishing characteristics of successful Last Planner projects, which will be explained in the workshop, along with an understanding of how the elements of the Last Planner work together.

Participants can expect to learn the following:

  1. How teams leverage the power of the Last Planner System as a construct for effective project planning, execution, observation and learning conversations.
  2. How teams focus on reliable promising to establish a network of commitments that reduces variability and the associated waste of added costs and time.
  3. How teams use a small batch strategy during pull planning to shorten project times and improve productivity without adding resources.

This workshop is for professionals working in the building industry as part of or in support of project teams. Participants will engage in a number of simulations designed to improve the understanding of Lean design and construction practices as they relate to an effective use of the Last Planner System. We will also discuss some of the misconceptions about the Last Planner System that hinder teams from using it properly.

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