There were many good project sessions at the Lean Construction Institute Congress earlier this month. The following lessons and insights were offered by the Cleveland Clinic Avon Hospital team:

  • Start by having a goal that transcends all other concerns. The team needs to serve a common objective and understand they are working toward the common good. Virtue is important.
  • It is important to start developing a Lean culture from the beginning of the project. That includes getting the right people engaged in the project, building rapport among team members, and breaking down silos.
  • Project Owners need to be engaged with their teams, and recognize the importance of the leadership role they play.
  • It is important for the team members to learn to trust each other. Respecting the input of the members results in their personal investment in the Lean process and the project.
  • Request For Information (RFI) volume was a function of owner and designer availability and planned meetings to address concerns. Being available reduced the amount of wasted effort associated with the RFI process.
  • Focus on the Lean basics: Keeping the site clean, organizing the optimum material flow, kitting materials for installation, keeping information visible.