LeanProject will be at the 20th Annual Lean Construction Congress, October 15-19 in Orlando and we look forward to seeing you there. Once again LeanProject coaches will be providing several workshops during Learning Days Monday, October 15 and Tuesday, October 16.

On Monday morning Jason Klous will be teaching the AGC Unit 1: Variation in Production Systems course, which is part of the Lean Construction Education Program. Monday afternoon Jason will be teaching the AGC Unit 2: Pull in Production Course.

On Tuesday Klaus Lemke will be leading a workshop teaching the Last Planner® System through the Villego® simulation. The simulation allows participants the opportunity to experience Last Planner and how the conversations it structures allow for reliable work.

Also on Tuesday Tom Richert along with Joanna McGuffey of Unconventional Works will be leading a workshop for lean coaches, tackling the issue of initial buy-in and long-term sustainment of lean transformation programs. The workshop is based on the factors that fueled the continuous improvement environment cultivated at Toyota in the early years of the Toyota Production System development.

Registration for Congress is now open. Information and a registration link can be found here.