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First Integrated Project Delivery Contract Used


After years of working collaboratively together throughout the 1990’s, and with the realization that the contract was the last hurdle to true collaboration, a project team  executed the first Integrated ...

First Integrated Project Delivery Contract Used2021-08-26T00:09:06-05:00

LeanProject Founded By Greg Howell and Glenn Ballard


Greg and Glenn, along with a couple other progressive thinkers, founded LeanProject Consulting in response to requests for help with practical application of lean practices and thinking. Today, LeanProject remains ...

LeanProject Founded By Greg Howell and Glenn Ballard2021-09-08T01:44:09-05:00

Understanding Computers and Cognition Published


This historic book written by Terry Winograd and Fernando Flores was published in 1986.  It presents an important and controversial new approach to understanding what computers do and how their ...

Understanding Computers and Cognition Published2021-08-26T00:02:05-05:00

LeanProject Launches 3Px


3Px is the culmination of decades of experience saving and improving projects. This approach forms the right team structure, skills and practices to quickly create high-performing teams on every project ...

LeanProject Launches 3Px2021-09-08T01:19:30-05:00

Greg Howell and Glenn Ballard Meet


Greg and Glenn Ballard first met on a project in Texas in 1979 and began a lifelong relationship of friendship and collaboration. Greg and Glenn had a long history of ...

Greg Howell and Glenn Ballard Meet2021-08-25T22:17:25-05:00

Rio Grande Brazil Project


LeanProject works on the largest industrial fertilizer project in South America.  Over the course of 12 months a team from LeanProject worked with the project team to transform the culture ...

Rio Grande Brazil Project2021-08-25T23:47:41-05:00

Better Building Published


Construction is not manufacturing. This book outlines the practices required to successfully apply lean thinking to project work. It’s become a perpetual best seller in the lean construction industry and ...

Better Building Published2021-08-26T00:57:24-05:00

Essential Conversations™ Program


The future is invented and built in conversation. Learning how to make assessments, navigate moods, and secure commitments can be the difference between project success and failure. Built on the ...

Essential Conversations™ Program2021-08-26T00:16:25-05:00

Cleveland Clinic Projects Start


After a series of disappointing projects, Cleveland Clinic engages LeanProject to help with three of the largest consecutive projects they’ve attempted - a hospital bed tower, ambulatory surgery center, and ...

Cleveland Clinic Projects Start2021-08-26T00:19:36-05:00

Jason Klous Joins LeanProject


Jason’s background as a superintendent and carpenter brings a unique perspective to LeanProject.  In addition to his field experience, Jason brings a lifelong passion for learning to LeanProject.  He has ...

Jason Klous Joins LeanProject2021-09-02T23:37:48-05:00