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Conversations for Action Published


Fernando Flores’ book collects his key essays and articles about achieving true collaboration and creating new possibilities in teams. LeanProject’s relationship with Flores goes back decades, and his work is ...

Conversations for Action Published2021-08-26T00:18:22-05:00

Intel Construction Revolution


LeanProject supports three of Intel’s most challenging mega-projects beginning in 2013. The projects, located in Arizona, Ireland, and Israel, appliy lean and IPD practices in addition to Language Action principles ...

Intel Construction Revolution2021-08-26T00:17:42-05:00

Klaus Lemke Joins LeanProject


Klaus’s background as a structural engineer, project manager and construction executive makes him the perfect fit to lead LeanProject. An advocate for the industry, our clients and for our internal ...

Klaus Lemke Joins LeanProject2021-09-09T09:44:39-05:00

Good 5-Whys™


Learning to solve the root cause of a problem is a key lean improvement practice. Many times we solve problems without understanding the cause, which only results in the problem ...

Good 5-Whys™2021-08-25T23:05:17-05:00

LeanProject Introduces Five Big Ideas


What is the philosophy behind successfully applying lean thinking to a project? The Five Big Ideas are first introduced by LeanProject as an answer to this question, and become the ...

LeanProject Introduces Five Big Ideas2021-08-29T23:02:19-05:00

Sutter Health Cathedral Hill Project


LeanProject partners with Sutter Health and numerous progressive organizations on this groundbreaking project. Sutter Health’s Cathedral Hill project becomes a learning laboratory for perfecting lean practices and the Integrated Project ...

Sutter Health Cathedral Hill Project2021-08-25T23:03:29-05:00

Study Action Team™ (SAT)


LeanProject introduces the Study Action Team as a new practice for bringing project teams together to solve tough problems with new ideas. We learn how to learn together around selected ...

Study Action Team™ (SAT)2021-08-26T00:15:08-05:00

The Toyota Way


A classic description of lean practices and tools based on the manufacturing genius of Toyota, Liker’s book is a must-read for those wanting to learn about the foundation of lean.

The Toyota Way2021-08-26T00:09:50-05:00

Greg Howell Invents the Parade of Trades


This simulation has been used with thousands of project teams to demonstrate the impact of variation on construction work. As a standard lean construction training tool, it helps participants experience ...

Greg Howell Invents the Parade of Trades2021-08-26T00:04:47-05:00