Along with the strategic and tactical elements of implementing lean practices such as the Last Planner® System, Choosing-by-Advantages, and A3 Problem Solving, LeanProject also focuses on helping people strengthening the leadership capabilities needed for shared responsibility and collaborative work. One leadership offering we provide is Courageous Leadership, a two-day workshop we recently delivered in Boston.

The Courageous Leadership workshop is about greater effectiveness by building new capabilities and influence as a catalyst for growth within and beyond your organization. Paul Sexton, speaking at the recent International Group for Lean Construction conference, reported how the natural altruistic and cooperative spirit children bring into the world is socialized out of most of us through our educational and work experiences.

And yet even with such socialization people innately desire to make a meaningful impact through shared work in teams. The Courageous Leadership workshop is an immersive two-day experience focusing on what it means to participants to be a courageous leader and support the impact they and others around them want to make. It focuses on building the capability to be present and engage others toward enthusiastic commitment for professional growth and team achievement is key for high performance teams.

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