We hope to connect with you, in person and online, at one or more of our planned events the next few months.

May 3: Upper Midwest LCI Community of Practice Happy Hour

Klaus Lemke will be meeting with members of the LCI CoP in Minneapolis to discuss insights from his Better Building book.

May 7: National AGC Lean Forum Enthusiasm for Lean Webinar

For many lean leaders and coaches a primary concern is obtaining the full engagement of everyone on a project team in lean practices. Despite best efforts at directing people toward lean behaviors universal lean buy-in has been difficult to achieve. Tom Richert and Joanna McGuffey of Unconventional Works will be presenting knowledge about how enthusiasm for lean can be methodically generated within project teams working in the building design and construction industry. To register for the webinar visit https://www.agc.org/learn/education-training/events/webed-enthusiasm-lean.

May 14: Des Moines LCI Community of Practice Better Building Workshop

Klaus Lemke will be presenting a half-day workshop based on principles discussed in his Better Building book.

May 21: Villego Workshop and Better Building Discussion in Seattle

Susan Reinhardt and Klaus Lemke will be leading a full-day Villego Last Planner® workshop. He will participate in a lean coffee with the CoP the following morning.

June 4: General Building Contractors Association Target Value Delivery Webinar

Presented by Tom Richert and Susan Reinhardt, this webinar will focus on Target Value Delivery from a builder’s perspective. It will include a brief introduction to lean design and construction, including background on the development of the Target Value Delivery. It will continue with a description of the builder’s role in each of the core practices and conclude with a case study of how the practices were used on a recent project. To register for the webinar visit https://gbca.com/events/webinar-target-value-delivery-leveraging-builder-expertise-deliver-better-building.

June 11: New York State LCI Community of Practice Better Building Workshop

Klaus Lemke will be presenting a half-day workshop based on principles discussed in his Better Building book.

June 17-18: Courageous Leadership Experience in St. Paul, Minnesota

This two-day experience addresses a fundamental challenge in lean transformations – the ability to be present and engage others so that they are enthusiastically committed to a new way of working. To create lasting change leaders need to overcome the tendency of people to experience disconnect – a mood that work is impersonal, and people are merely a pool of resources apart from any meaningful purpose. Courageous leadership is having the strength to bring your best self to others and the ability to inspire others to bring their best self to the team. The workshop is being delivered by Tom Richert and Joanna McGuffey of Unconventional Works, with support from Klaus Lemke and Jason Klous. Email us at email us at Academy@LeanProject.com for more information about this valuable professional development opportunity.

July 1-5: International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC) Annual Conference

There are several opportunities to connect with LeanProject during the IGLC Conference in Dublin this summer.

On July 1, Workshop Day, Jason Klous will be co-presenting a full-day workshop Inventing a New Future for Lean Project in Language. That same morning Klaus Lemke with support from Tom Richert will presenting a Better Building workshop based on Klaus’s book. In the afternoon Klaus and Tom trade places as they present a Creating Enthusiasm for Lean workshop. In the evening Klaus and Tom will be participating in a Meet the Authors event.

On July 2, Industry Day, Jason will be participating in a panel discussion focused on the topic of How to Start and Sustain Lean.

IGLC continues with a research conference July 3 – 5.