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#Lean Leadership: Reluctance, Stumbling and Embracing the B Player


A project team we are working with recently addressed two concerns related the to adoption of new Lean behaviors. Reluctance of some on the team to embrace Lean practices and behaviors. People will stumble, ...

#Lean Leadership: Reluctance, Stumbling and Embracing the B Player2017-04-12T14:55:58-05:00

Theories X, Y and Z


Bob Dunning, a friend, collaborator on a paper discussing the application of Lean principles to transit planning, and Boeing alumnus, commented on my recent review of Lead With Respect. Bob brought ...

Theories X, Y and Z2016-03-14T15:45:39-05:00

In the Lean World is Leadership Dead?


A couple of days ago I wrote a post citing Peter Block's article on citizenship.  Without reading the article one can mistakenly gain a perception that Block's position is that ...

In the Lean World is Leadership Dead?2016-03-02T15:22:58-06:00

Lean Citizenship


Thanks to my colleague Steve Knapp I came across a 1998 article by Peter Block on the topic of Citizenship.  The thrust of the article was that a shared sense ...

Lean Citizenship2016-02-29T15:58:47-06:00

Fear of Looking Like a Beginner


One of the biggest obstacles to implementing the Last Planner System® (LPS) isn’t mastering the forms, time constraints, or even knowledge; it can be the fear of looking like a ...

Fear of Looking Like a Beginner2015-03-24T09:05:13-05:00

Building Pyramids


I recently had the opportunity to spend some time in Egypt. On our way to the Great Pyramid, our group of twelve had a lively conversation about the builders of ...

Building Pyramids2010-04-21T09:24:44-05:00