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The Last Planner® System During Design


The Last Planner System (LPS) has helped the construction community, with its focus on building assembly, make better use of manpower and resources to produce high-quality projects on time and ...

The Last Planner® System During Design2018-09-25T10:00:53-05:00

The Daily Huddle


The Daily Huddle is an important part of the Last Planner® System, and plays an important role in supporting workflow reliability. Sometimes people are tempted to forego the Daily Huddle, ...

The Daily Huddle2018-05-22T10:00:46-05:00

Percent Plan Complete is Not a Grade


A concern that sometimes arises in the use of the Last Planner® System is the desire by some people to treat Percent Plan Complete (PPC) as a grade. The allure ...

Percent Plan Complete is Not a Grade2018-04-24T09:45:52-05:00

Last Planner® System Rule 1


“Keep all plans, at every level of detail, in public view at all times.” This rule is one of twelve that comes from the Current Process Benchmark for the Last ...

Last Planner® System Rule 12017-03-21T15:05:44-05:00

Pull Planning and Pull Planning for Flow


A common question during and following pull planning sessions is “why can’t we just plan from the beginning of the work like we usually do?” It’s an important question, and ...

Pull Planning and Pull Planning for Flow2017-03-14T15:05:49-05:00