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Building a Lean Culture Interactive Course Offering


Lean design and construction practices require that members on a project team work together in an environment of trust, ambition, resolution, and common care. This environment needs to be cultivated through ...

Building a Lean Culture Interactive Course Offering2020-04-20T14:52:56-05:00

Making Up for Lost Time


The pandemic related economic slowdown is impacting building projects in a variety of ways. Reports from projects across the United States include delays related to manpower shortages and additional physical ...

Making Up for Lost Time2020-04-20T14:48:33-05:00

What is a Project Culture?


Culture is the shared identity among all the members of a group. Just as the word identity can define who an individual is in terms of their values, beliefs, and practices in ...

What is a Project Culture?2020-02-17T14:44:21-06:00