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Advanced Course for Sound Decision-Making


Course Benefits Understand the need for sound decision-making Learn the five phases of sound decision-making Learn five methods of Choosing by Advantages Understand how to make decisions involving non-equal cost ...

Advanced Course for Sound Decision-Making2017-05-18T09:21:55-05:00

There Is No One Right Answer


The title of this post was inspired from Patterns in Design, Technology and Business, by Fred White. I often hear people say, "The only thing we can do now is ...

There Is No One Right Answer2011-10-03T12:00:36-05:00

CBA Decisionmaking at the LCI Congress


A little over three years ago I had my first exposure to Choosing By Advantages Decisionmaking. Three colleagues were working on the California Prison Receivership hospitals program. CBA had found ...

CBA Decisionmaking at the LCI Congress2011-09-12T14:22:07-05:00