Course Benefits

  • Understand the need for sound decision-making
  • Learn the five phases of sound decision-making
  • Learn five methods of Choosing by Advantages
  • Understand how to make decisions involving non-equal cost alternatives
  • Understand how to incorporate Choosing by Advantages decision-making into Target Value Delivery
  • Learn how to facilitate sound decision-making involving stakeholders with conflicting priorities
  • Learn how conversations shape your decisions
  • Develop awareness of cognitive biases which affect decision-making

From the day we are born and throughout our lives we make decisions, which have consequences or outcomes.  Our innate decision-making ability stems from our evolutionary development and is primarily focused around survival.  However, as we face more complex decisions as we mature we tend to fall back onto these instinctive methods, which frequently result in sub-optimum decisions.

This course, which is designed for architects, engineers, construction managers and other construction professionals and lean leaders, will provide the participants with an in-depth understanding of and advanced skills in using the sound decision-making system known as Choosing by Advantages. Upon completion, each individual will have the knowledge and ability to make sound decisions of all types and will be able to facilitate these decisions in a group setting of divergent stakeholders.

The course consists of 12 weekly, 2-hour, live online sessions led by three LeanProject experts in a conversational manner. The experts provide a mix of experience in practice and in the latest research. Paz Arroyo provides the state of the art on best practices for decision-making in groups, John Draper provides a vast experience in teaching and implementing Choosing by Advantages in construction projects, and David Long provides the owner perspective in aligning groups to make effective complex decisions. Participants will be expected to prepare for each session by doing the assigned readings, watching short videos and completing assigned homework exercises. Participants should expect to devote 4-6 hours per week on this course.  The course will finish with a one day closing seminar in the San Francisco area.

The cost per person is $4000 and includes all books, learning materials, and the closing seminar.  However, travel and lodging expenses will be the responsibility of each individual.

No previous knowledge of Choosing by Advantages is required. Although, if you are not familiar with Choosing by Advantages, you should expect some extra study.

The course is tentatively scheduled to begin the week of July 17, 2017.

For more information and registration please email us at