construction-681548_1280Most project teams implementing Lean practices are getting better at engaging trade foremen in planning work. As a result project work is flowing more smoothly and being accomplished more effectively and efficiently. But why stop there?

Trade foremen should be invited to participate with the construction manager’s field management team in the leadership of the project. By invited, that is not to say “it would be nice if you would join us” so much as “since you have a stake in this project’s success as much as we do, we expect you to help us lead the project.”

What this means is that trade foremen now take turns at leading weekly and daily coordination meetings. Foremen should also be expected to engage in A3 problem solving, when appropriate working with their crews in the process. They need be working on coaching plans that further develop their own and their crew members’ capabilities.

The Lean Construction movement broke new ground when it invited trade foremen from subcontractors to the management ‘party’ through collaborative planning and coordination engagement. This has opened the door to a new opportunity to request trade foremen start to co-host the party.