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A Hidden Beauty


I’ll never forget the first time I actually experienced first-hand how important it is to share improvement ideas. Like many people, I often made little improvements to my work – ...

A Hidden Beauty2009-04-16T13:29:37-05:00

Building Improvements on Each Other’s


As I first started learning about Quick n' Easy Kaizen, I quickly took the idea home and started talking about it with my husband. One day, I rearranged our spice ...

Building Improvements on Each Other’s2009-04-01T13:20:45-05:00

Recognizing Small Improvements


Believe it or not, sometimes the simplicity of QnEK is tough for people to wrap their minds around. Simply put, a QnEK is an improvement that a person makes to ...

Recognizing Small Improvements2009-03-10T13:10:10-05:00