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Lean Gratitude


For people unfamiliar or vaguely family with the term “lean,” the word is used to express a dynamic approach to work that seeks to continuously create more value with less ...

Lean Gratitude2018-11-21T12:00:27-06:00

Fear of Looking Like a Beginner


One of the biggest obstacles to implementing the Last Planner System® (LPS) isn’t mastering the forms, time constraints, or even knowledge; it can be the fear of looking like a ...

Fear of Looking Like a Beginner2015-03-24T09:05:13-05:00

Pull Planning Confusion


Many people misunderstand pull planning, a central practice in the Last Planner® System. It stems, in part, from an unfortunate characterization that some early LPS practitioners made. They called pull ...

Pull Planning Confusion2011-08-30T08:45:31-05:00

Focus on Tool Users for Lean Success


John Seddon warns, "Watch Out for the Toolheads." Ralph Keller, President of Assoc for Manufacturing Excellence claims Tools Are Necessary, but Not Sufficient. Bob Emiliani coined the term "Fake Lean" to ...

Focus on Tool Users for Lean Success2011-08-21T14:24:52-05:00

Is a High Reliability Project in Your Future?


Construction firms have been using the Last Planner® System for almost 20 years. The situations have been relatively the same over that period. A company starts measuring reliability and they ...

Is a High Reliability Project in Your Future?2011-08-18T13:27:27-05:00

Reflections of, The Way Things Used To Be


Every time I hear the word “reflections” used as an agenda topic, I can’t help but to start smiling. There are two reasons it makes me smile, and both are ...

Reflections of, The Way Things Used To Be2010-03-05T13:46:59-06:00