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Lean Gratitude


For people unfamiliar or vaguely family with the term “lean,” the word is used to express a dynamic approach to work that seeks to continuously create more value with less ...

Lean Gratitude2018-11-21T12:00:27-06:00

3 Simple Rules for Effective Pull Planning


As part of the Last Planner® System, pull planning is a great technique for planning collaboratively.  We've used it effectively for everything from master planning and design through commissioning and ...

3 Simple Rules for Effective Pull Planning2016-12-15T11:31:18-06:00

Fear of Looking Like a Beginner


One of the biggest obstacles to implementing the Last Planner System® (LPS) isn’t mastering the forms, time constraints, or even knowledge; it can be the fear of looking like a ...

Fear of Looking Like a Beginner2015-03-24T09:05:13-05:00

What’s It Like To Be A Last Planner


So what’s it like to be a last planner?  You know, that person who is in the heat of the battle everyday on a construction project?  The one who is ...

What’s It Like To Be A Last Planner2015-01-06T14:29:29-06:00