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Last Planner System Administration Innovation


One project team has developed an innovative approach toward reducing the time required to administer the weekly work planning process; while providing greater visibility to the team on the relationship ...

Last Planner System Administration Innovation2016-12-07T16:05:28-06:00

Focus on Individuals, Not Enterprises


Make Ready Plans (Constraint Logs), Weekly Work Plans, and other tools have fields identifying either a responsible party or the party making a request. Frequently teams will want to enter ...

Focus on Individuals, Not Enterprises2016-11-21T08:40:48-06:00

What Should a Last Planner® Project Feel Like?


The Last Planner® System (LPS) is just that, a system.  It’s made up of processes and techniques that work together do one thing: create and maintain reliable workflow in projects. ...

What Should a Last Planner® Project Feel Like?2016-11-08T20:48:25-06:00

Last Planner Weekly Coordination Meeting Agenda Item


At a minimum teams review make ready needs (using a six-week look ahead and constraint log), learning metrics (such as Percent Plan Complete and Tasks Made Ready), and the Weekly ...

Last Planner Weekly Coordination Meeting Agenda Item2016-10-20T08:27:37-05:00

Why Project Teams Use Coaches


It’s widely understood that Olympic athletes, medal winners and contenders alike, rely on coaches to help them set and achieve their goals. They do so because to optimize their training ...

Why Project Teams Use Coaches2016-09-27T08:00:27-05:00

Keep Your Meetings on Time with a Countdown Clock


            The Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center team uses a countdown clock to help the team keep the meetings running according to a timed agenda. They ...

Keep Your Meetings on Time with a Countdown Clock2016-08-26T10:20:06-05:00

Seeing is Understanding


A gentle reminder and some examples to help see how teams can make use of visual communication to increase understanding across a project team. To the left is an important ...

Seeing is Understanding2016-08-22T10:47:40-05:00

Enough Let’s Move On – ELMO


One of the teams I get to work with has adopted a meeting practice that has been around at least five years. A small Elmo doll sits up front with ...

Enough Let’s Move On – ELMO2016-08-12T08:51:45-05:00

Phone Book or Map?


We work with many teams who do a good job with Pull Planning.  They bring the team together to develop a sound plan based on a well-defined project milestone.  They ...

Phone Book or Map?2016-04-14T14:42:53-05:00