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The Birth of Lean


The Birth of Lean is a collection of conversations with Taiichi Ohno, Eiji Toyoda, and others instrumental in the development of the Toyota management approach. It was edited by Koichi ...

The Birth of Lean2017-02-02T15:05:10-06:00

Top 5 Deltas from Pull Planning Sessions


  My four-year collection of Plus-Deltas from construction phase pull planning sessions include deltas with these five basic common themes. 1. Improve the Amount of Time Required for Planning Variations usually seek ...

Top 5 Deltas from Pull Planning Sessions2017-01-17T15:05:56-06:00

Running Lean by Ash Maurya


Running Lean: Iterate from Plan A to a Plan That Works by Ash Maurya takes the reader through the business start up and innovation process from a Lean perspective. He ...

Running Lean by Ash Maurya2017-01-05T15:05:12-06:00

Visual Displays and Social Norms


The images below are selected portions of several messages that serve as a screensaver on hospital workstations. They don't display new guidance - a trained staff will already know this information. ...

Visual Displays and Social Norms2017-01-04T15:05:20-06:00

3 Simple Rules for Effective Pull Planning


As part of the Last Planner® System, pull planning is a great technique for planning collaboratively.  We've used it effectively for everything from master planning and design through commissioning and ...

3 Simple Rules for Effective Pull Planning2016-12-15T11:31:18-06:00

Last Planner System Administration Innovation


One project team has developed an innovative approach toward reducing the time required to administer the weekly work planning process; while providing greater visibility to the team on the relationship ...

Last Planner System Administration Innovation2016-12-07T16:05:28-06:00

Working Out vs Training


It is helpful to think of implementing a Lean culture and Lean practices on the project as the work necessary to radically improve the professional fitness and health of the ...

Working Out vs Training2016-11-30T05:17:23-06:00

Writing by Hand & the Last Planner System


Four years ago I was given a dressing-down by a venture capital investor for taking handwritten notes at our meeting. If I wanted to fund a technology start-up he told ...

Writing by Hand & the Last Planner System2016-11-28T06:06:55-06:00

Tracking Productivity and the Last Planner System


A superintendent presenting at the LCI Congress this past October stated that they would like to implement productivity tracking into the Last Planner System. Conceptually that is not all that ...

Tracking Productivity and the Last Planner System2016-11-23T08:21:43-06:00