There Is No One Right Answer


The title of this post was inspired from Patterns in Design, Technology and Business, by Fred White. I often hear people say, "The only thing we can do now is ...

There Is No One Right Answer2011-10-03T12:00:36-05:00

CBA Decisionmaking at the LCI Congress


A little over three years ago I had my first exposure to Choosing By Advantages Decisionmaking. Three colleagues were working on the California Prison Receivership hospitals program. CBA had found ...

CBA Decisionmaking at the LCI Congress2011-09-12T14:22:07-05:00

Understand the Pull Planning Question


The first installment in the Pull Planning Primer explored the confusion people have between the activity they can observe and the outcomes they are pursuing with pull planning. One of ...

Understand the Pull Planning Question2011-09-11T11:04:40-05:00

Pull Planning Confusion


Many people misunderstand pull planning, a central practice in the Last Planner® System. It stems, in part, from an unfortunate characterization that some early LPS practitioners made. They called pull ...

Pull Planning Confusion2011-08-30T08:45:31-05:00

Announcing Problems Is a Key Lean Behavior


Alan Mullaly, CEO Ford, gave an interview for the Financial Times, Alan Mullaly: in the Driving Seat at Ford, where he spoke about the breakthrough the management team had leading to ...

Announcing Problems Is a Key Lean Behavior2011-08-28T11:29:26-05:00

Focus on Tool Users for Lean Success


John Seddon warns, "Watch Out for the Toolheads." Ralph Keller, President of Assoc for Manufacturing Excellence claims Tools Are Necessary, but Not Sufficient. Bob Emiliani coined the term "Fake Lean" to ...

Focus on Tool Users for Lean Success2011-08-21T14:24:52-05:00

Is a High Reliability Project in Your Future?


Construction firms have been using the Last Planner® System for almost 20 years. The situations have been relatively the same over that period. A company starts measuring reliability and they ...

Is a High Reliability Project in Your Future?2011-08-18T13:27:27-05:00